No matter how big your email, we can send it!

Have you ever sent a large file by email, only to receive an error message, “file too big to email”? When you attach large files to email, most systems reject it. LinkAttach fixes that!

● LinkAttach lets you transfer large files as easily as you mail a big file.

● LinkAttach solution will transfer big files to your private cloud space, “breaking” the large email issue.

● LinkAttach is a file transfer service using cloud technology to transfer large files.

● Senders don’t have to wonder if their email is bounced. It’s always delivered.

● Recipients benefit as their email file isn’t burdened with large attachments.

● All users benefit as LinkAttach is a secure way to transfer files.

● You don’t need to rely on your recipient to download any software. All they do is open their email and download the link.

● LinkAttach users can use either a web interface to send files, or send directly from their Outlook application.
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● If you entered your email incorrectly, just register again with the correct address!

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