Why you can't send large files with email

If you have ever tried to transfer big files with email, you know it's difficult.


Have you tried to send big files? Is your file too big to email? Can you upload video files?


Simply put, you can't send large files with email! Why? There are a lot of reasons, you can't attach large documents with your email, but we'll save the reasons for another discussion. Just accept the fact that most email systems will not accept large file attachments.


So, How to send large files with email?


This is the question we constantly hear from users, simply trying to send files.


There are a number of solutions, and each has their place, but the easiest is to use a service like LinkAttach.com.

1) You can set up a ftp or web site (complicated).

2) You can use a file collaboration site (but both you and the other user have to "subscribe").

3) You can use a simple service, like LinkAttach.com to send the files (simplest).


Why is choice 3 the easiest?


First, LinkAttach has done the complicated work for you. You only have to select your files and send them. However even more important is your receiving party only has to know how to open their email. You might know how to log into an FTP site, or you might have a file sync account, but trying to walk your other party thru setting up their account can be very frustrating.


Those solutions require both parties to sign into a site, or install software. Imagine you are a Realtor trying to send a large brochure to a new client. You really don't want to talk them thru installing software. You simply want to get the files to their email where they can save the information.


Everyone has email. So, if you can get the file into their email, you've found the easiest solution.


LinkAttach facilitated sending the link to their email. Using the system, you load the files to the LinkAttach cloud, and then send a very simple email with the link to the files. The other party doesn't even have to understand how you did it. They simply receive the email and click on the file link.


You've done the "heavy" work to send the file (it's actually pretty simple too!). The other party simply opens their email and downloads the file.

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